Best answer: What invention greatly helped Luther spread his message?

His broadside against Catholic Church practices might have gone unnoticed were it not for the introduction a few decades earlier of a new technology: the printing press. Luther’s challenge to church authority was incendiary, and German printers immediately recognized a hot property.

What invention helped Luther spread his message?

The printing press helped spread Martin Luther’s ideas as it printed and spread the 95 Theses.

How did technology help Martin Luther?

Luther effectively published a piece of writing every two weeks – for 25 years. The printing press greatly expanded the accessibility of the religious controversy that Luther helped fuel, galvanizing the revolt against the Church.

What invention helped spread the words of Martin Luther and other reformers?

Johann Gutenberg’s invention of movable-type printing quickened the spread of knowledge, discoveries, and literacy in Renaissance Europe. The printing revolution also contributed mightily to the Protestant Reformation that split apart the Catholic Church.

Which role is the most powerful in the Catholic Church?

The Supreme Pontiff (the Pope) is a local ordinary for the whole Catholic Church.

What did the church do to Martin Luther in 1521 why?

In January 1521, Pope Leo X excommunicated Luther. Three months later, Luther was called to defend his beliefs before Holy Roman Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms, where he was famously defiant. For his refusal to recant his writings, the emperor declared him an outlaw and a heretic.

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How did the church respond to Martin Luther?

The Church responded by labeling Luther a heretic, forbidding the reading or publication of his 95 Theses, and threatening Luther with excommunication. Luther refused to recant his beliefs.

How did Protestants spread their message?

The use of pamphlets became the primary method of spreading Protestant ideas and doctrine. Pamphlets took little time to produce and they could be printed and sold quickly making them harder to track down by the authorities and thus making them a very effective method of propaganda.

Who sold more indulgences than any other person?

Johann Tetzel

Johann Tetzel OP
Died 11 August 1519 (aged 53–54) Leipzig, Electorate of Saxony
Nationality German
Occupation Dominican preacher
Known for Selling indulgences
Diary of a Protestant