Frequent question: What countries backed the Protestant Union?

What countries were in the Catholic League?

To the west, the Spanish army aligned with the so-called Catholic League, nation-states in present-day Germany, Belgium and France, who supported Ferdinand II.

What is the Protestant League?

The Protestant League [Evangelischer Bund] was an anti-Catholic propaganda organization that first became active after the Kulturkampf (“cultural struggle”) between the Prussian state and the Catholic Church began to wind down.

Did the Holy Roman Empire became Protestant?

The Holy Roman Empire was a fragmented collection of largely independent states, which, after the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, was divided between Catholic and Protestant rulership.

What was the name of the Protestant alliance?

Protestant Union, also called Evangelical Union or Union of Auhausen, German Protestantische Union, Evangelische Union, or Union von Auhausen, military alliance (1608–21) among the Protestant states of Germany for mutual protection against the growing power of the Roman Catholic states of Counter-Reformation Europe.

What caused the Thirty Years war in Europe 5 points?

The correct answer is: Conflict between Protestants and Catholics. It began as a conflict in which the different States in Europe support either The Protestant Reform or The Catholic Counter – Reform between the years of 1618 and 1648.

How was the 30 Years war political?

“While the Thirty Years’ War was religious in that it was fought to protect the freedom of religion throughout the Holy Roman Empire, it was also political in that it was used to strategically help certain powers protect themselves and stay prominent.” (The response addresses the prompt with an evaluative claim that …

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