How did injustice motivate Martin Luther King?

What was MLK motivated by?

One of the greatest inspiration for King was the idea of change. This is what I consider to be his main motivation: changing the status quo. He was motivated by being told you can’t. You can’t sit in a bus when a white passenger is standing.

What was Martin Luther King Jr fighting for?

King fought for justice through peaceful protest—and delivered some of the 20th century’s most iconic speeches. Martin Luther King, Jr., is a civil rights legend. In the mid-1950s, Dr. King led the movement to end segregation and counter prejudice in the United States through the means of peaceful protest.

Why Was Martin Luther King a good leader?

showed respect and honesty by never resorting to violence even though he had much violence tossed in his face. He believed in nonviolent protests and made sure others followed him in this quest. His greatest leadership quality was integrity, which he showed when he gave his life for what he was fighting for.

Why Martin Luther King is a hero?

Martin Luther King Jr. is known as one of America’s greatest heroes. In the 1950s and 1960s, he fought to end laws that were unfair to African Americans. He worked to make sure all Americans had equal rights. … He worked to make sure all Americans had equal rights.

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