Question: How do you abbreviate Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard?

MLKB. (redirected from Martin Luther King Blvd.)

How do you shorten Martin Luther King Jr?

(abbreviation: the Rev. Dr. King), or just Dr King. He is also known by his initials MLK.

Martin Luther King Jr.

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.
Parents Martin Luther King Sr. Alberta Williams King

What is MLK Boulevard?

Boulevard (also known as MLK Blvd or King Blvd; originally Santa Barbara Avenue) is an east-west thoroughfare in Los Angeles, California. It stretches 7.1 miles (11.4 km) from Obama Boulevard in Baldwin Hills/Crenshaw to South Alameda Street in Central-Alameda.

What is MLK acronym?

abbreviation. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Can you use DR for Drive?

In American English, we always put a period after an abbreviation; it doesn’t matter whether the abbreviation is the first two letters of the word (as in Dr. for Drive) or the first and last letter (as in Dr. for Doctor).

Is it OK to say MLK Day?

in the name of the holiday, calling it “Martin Luther King Day,” but not in their entries for the man whom the holiday commemorates. If you want to avoid a discrepancy between King’s name and the holiday celebrating his birthday, you might use a different treatment.

How many roads are named after Martin Luther King?

In 2014 he estimated that there were over 900 streets named after King in 41 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

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What MLK Means Atlanta Hawks?

The Atlanta Hawks announced their “city edition” jerseys at the beginning of the season and it featured the letters “MLK” on the chest. MLK stands for Martin Luther King Jr., a native of the city of Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up in the Auburn Avenue community.

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