Question: When was Martin Luther King buried?

Did Mahalia Jackson sing at Martin Luther King’s funeral?

After King’s assassination, Jackson honored his last request by singing “Precious Lord” at his funeral.

Who is Martin Luther King’s granddaughter?

Why do you think Martin Luther King’s funeral was so well attended?

Pupils’ own responses, such as: I think his funeral was so well-attended because his words and actions had a positive effect on people’s lives and they wanted to pay their respects for what he had done to help them; I think his funeral was so well-attended because he had inspired so many people to stand up for what …

Was Martin Luther King funeral televised?

Following the hour-long church service, coverage continued with scenes of the procession as thousands of mourners followed the casket through the streets of Atlanta to Morehouse College, where a public service took place not shown in the program.

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