What year did Martin Luther King Sr died?

How did Martin Luther King dad die?

Was Martin Luther King Jr named after Martin Luther?

Indeed, Martin Luther King was born Michael King in 1929, it was as a teenager he chose to change his name to Martin Luther King Jr, after his father the preacher. Both Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Jr went to university and gained doctorates in Theology.

Who was Martin Luther King Jr’s father?

What was Martin Luther King Jr’s childhood like?

Martin Luther King’s childhood was a normal happy upbringing. He and his siblings consisted learned to play the piano from their mom and were guided by the spiritual teachings from their dad and grandfather. But the family was quickly schooled on the harsh reality of the racial segregation of the south.

Who was Martin Luther King Jr’s mom and dad?

Who is Martin Luther King’s granddaughter?

Why did Yolanda King die?

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