Which states celebrate Martin Luther King Day?

Do all states recognize Martin Luther King Day?

President Ronald Reagan signed the holiday into law in 1983, and it was first observed three years later. At first, some states resisted observing the holiday as such, giving it alternative names or combining it with other holidays. It was officially observed in all 50 states for the first time in 2000.

Why does Arizona not celebrate MLK Day?

Arizona was not one of these states. In 1986, there was an Arizona house bill to create a MLK holiday. … When Evan Mecham became governor in 1987, he immediately rescinded the MLK holiday, claiming that the holiday was illegally created. Mecham offered a Civil Rights Day that would be observed on a Sunday.

How many states have Martin Luther King?

The first official Martin Luther King Jr. Day was observed on the third Monday of January 1986 but was only recognized by 27 states. In 2000, Utah became the last state to recognize MLK Day by name, the same year South Carolina became the final state to make Martin Luther King Jr.

Does Mississippi have MLK Day?

Alabama and Mississippiobserve it on the third Monday in January, the federal holiday Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Arkansas combined the observance of Robert E. Lee Day with Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Robert E. Lee Day
Also called Lee’s Birthday
Observed by Alabama Mississippi Florida (on January 19)
Type State holiday

How do you honor Martin Luther King Day?

7 Ways To Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day At Home

  1. “March” to Washington. Getty. …
  2. Discover Things About Martin Luther King Jr. You Didn’t Know. …
  3. Take Part in an Action-Packed Virtual Celebration. …
  4. Create a Craft That Inspires Important Conversations. …
  5. Take a Virtual Tour of the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis.

Why is January 18th Martin Luther King Day?

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, in the United States, holiday (third Monday in January) honouring the achievements of Martin Luther King, Jr. … King was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1964. He was assassinated on April 4, 1968.

How many awards has Martin Luther King Jr won?

Martin Luther King Jr.

The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.
Known for Civil rights movement, Peace movement
Awards Nobel Peace Prize (1964) Presidential Medal of Freedom (posthumously, 1977) Congressional Gold Medal (posthumously, 2004)
Memorials Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

What states don’t have MLK street?

In 2006, Derek Alderman, a cultural geographer at East Carolina University, reported the number had increased to 730, with only 10 states in the country without a street named after King (Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Vermont).

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