Why did German princes convert to Lutheranism?

Luther prodded the German princes to consider the state of the church and to reform it for the sake of the faith. … No priest, not even the pope, has special powers, for, so Luther argued, all human beings are priests, made so by their faith.

Why did the German princes choose to adopt Lutheranism?

Because of Lutheranism, German Princes had control over more parts of their own territories. They were able to shut down monasteries, seizing more land and wealth. … The major reason why Princes converted into Lutheranism was because of the idea that catholicism was preaching many wrong beliefs to the people.

Why did many German princes support Luther apart from for religious reasons?

However, Luther’s ideas became popular with the German princes. Luther did not believe that the church should own property. … Many German princes who wanted freedom from the Pope’s authority favoured Protestantism. Others remained Catholic because they depended on the support of the Pope.

Why did many northern German princes support Lutheranism?

ome princes supported Luther because they thought at if they supported Luther, they thought they wouldn’t have to pay extra money to the Church. … Martin Luther told German princes that he had nothing to do with the attacks and that his idea of rebelling was different than theirs.

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Why did some German princes side with Luther during the Reformation?

Why do you think some of the German princes supported the pope while others supported Luther’s ideas? Some actually legit believed the teachings while other believed they could benefit or have personal gain from supporting or not supporting the Pope.

What was the worst punishment for being named a heretic by the Catholic Church?

Luther’s works were to be burned in public, and all Christians who owned, read, or published them faced automatic excommunication as well. Luther now had reason to fear for his life: the punishment for heresy was burning at the stake. Catholic Church, Pope Leo X.

Why did Luther appeal to so many people?

So, the peasants appealed to Luther because they believed that he could prove that their demands were in accordance with Scripture. … Luther had, of course, spoken many times of the freedom of the Christian, but he was speaking in terms of religious faith and not matters pertaining to society.

Why did Martin Luther change the Bible?

While he was sequestered in the Wartburg Castle (1521–22) Luther began to translate the New Testament from Greek into German in order to make it more accessible to all the people of the “Holy Roman Empire of the German nation.” He translated from the Greek text, using Erasmus’ second edition (1519) of the Greek New …

Why did Martin Luther break away from Catholicism?

He wrote in his Ninety-Five Theses that the Catholic Church had become corrupt, primarily because of its practice of “indulgences.” A person who committed sins could donate a sum of money to the Church in order for a priest to pray on their behalf. … In 1521, Luther was officially excommunicated by the Catholic Church.

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