You asked: What is St John the Baptist symbol?

Saint John the Baptist is represented with a lamb to symbolise his recognition of Jesus as the Son of God. When John baptised Jesus in the River Jordan he said ‘Behold, the Lamb of God’ (John 1: 36).

Why does St John the Baptist hold a scroll?

It represents the winged figure of St John the Baptist who is standing in front of two rocky grey-coloured mountains and is turned to the left. He is blessing with his right hand and holding an inscribed scroll and a staff ending in a cross with his left.

What symbols represent St John of the Cross?

He was canonized by Pope Benedict XIII in 1726. In 1926 he was declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius XI, and is commonly known as the “Mystical Doctor”.

John of the Cross.

Saint John of the Cross O.C.D
Feast 14 December 24 November (General Roman Calendar, 1738–1969)
Attributes Carmelite habit, cross, crucifix, book, and a quill

How much older was John the Baptist than Jesus?

From the Biblical text, Jesus and John were born within two year of each other with an overlap of three months. Thus John the Baptist is most likely 6 to 8 months older than Jesus.

When St John the Baptist was born?

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