Best answer: What is church’s Tuesday special?

What is the 3 for 3 at Church’s Chicken?

3PC Meal. Get 3 delicious Honey-Butter Biscuit™ Tenders, fries, cole slaw and a Honey- Butter Biscuit™ and our signature Honey-Butter dipping sauce for just $5.

What is the 10 for 10 at Church’s Chicken?

The 10 piece meal in question includes a choice of either 10 legs and thighs of fried chicken or 10 of the chain’s Tender Strips plus 2 large sides, and 4 biscuits. The deal is available for a limited time only at participating Church’s Chicken restaurants.

Does Church’s Chicken have fish 2021?

– Crispy Fish Platter: 2 Piece Crispy Fish, your choice of 2 regular sides, plus a Honey-Butter Biscuit. Not enough food to feed your hungry crew? Try Church’s Family Fish Fry! Upgrade to 8 Piece Crispy Fish 2 large sides, 4 Honey-Butter Biscuits, plus a 1/2 gallon of Church’s famous Southern Sweet Tea.

Which is better KFC or Church’s chicken?

KFC was the clear loser — their chicken was dry and their batter was bland. Chick-fil-A came in third place because while we loved the batter’s flavor and seasoning, but the chicken didn’t taste as authentic because the chain doesn’t offer meat on the bone. Church’s came in second place.

Why is Church’s chicken closing?

We were as shocked as our guests and the restaurants’ crew that the locations had not paid their state sales taxes. …

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Is Church’s Chicken healthy for you?

One Church’s Chicken Original Leg contains 150 calories and 400 milligrams of sodium, which is somewhat reasonable considering we’re talking about fried chicken — the American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day, and in an ideal world, they say that most adults should …

What specials does Church’s Fried Chicken have?

Most locations have these deals:

  • 2 Chicken Combos with a Side and for $10.
  • 3 piece Texas Tenders Box with side and biscuit for $5.
  • 6 piece legs and thigs with 2 regular sides, 2 biscuits and 2 regular drinks for $10.
  • 14 piece legs and thighs with 3 large sides for $18.

Is Church’s Chicken Sandwich good?

It is a relatively muted chicken, with little discernible seasoning beyond salt and garlic powder. It was very juicy, though, which definitely scored it points. The pickles were boring fast food pickles. They provided a nice acidity, but they were floppy and chewy, almost entirely void of crunch.

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