How did Mary change the church?

The Catholic Mass was restored and Holy Communion was banned. All priests had to be Catholic; the basic furniture in the Protestant churches was replaced with the colourful furniture and paintings of the Catholic Church. Services were held in Latin and Cranmer’s English prayer book was banned.

How successful was Mary in restoring Catholicism?

However, the Marian Reformation was, unexpectedly, quite successful. Mary, aided by her cousin Cardinal Pole, brought back Catholic doctrines and rituals, including the Mass, brought back the papal headship and crushed opposition from Protestants.

How did Queen Elizabeth balance the needs of the Catholics and Protestants?

When it came to balancing the country’s religious forces, Elizabeth tried to take up a kind of middling position so as to create a broad church that would recognise her own sovereignty, while at the same time attracting as many of her subjects as possible.

How was Mary successful?

She won her rightful throne, married her Spanish prince and returned the country to Roman Catholicism. The Spanish marriage was a match with the most powerful ruling house in Europe, and the highly favourable marriage treaty ultimately won the support of the English government.

What happened to Mary Tudor when her parents divorced?

During her parents’ divorce proceedings, Mary was forbidden from seeing her mother. By 1533, Henry successfully divorced Catherine, made himself the head of the Church of England and married the noblewoman Anne Boleyn. As a result, Mary lost her title as ‘princess’, and was given the lesser title of ‘the Lady Mary’.

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