Question: What happened to Peter’s wife in the Bible?

In the Gospels of Mark and Luke, this episode takes place after Jesus had been preaching at the synagogue of Capernaum. Jesus goes to Peter’s house, where he sees the mother of Peter’s wife lying in bed with a high fever. Jesus touches her hand and the fever leaves her, and she gets up and begins to wait on him.

Did Simon Peter have a daughter?

Peter has a daughter, Maya. Talk to us about his relationship with his daughter and the role that she plays in his faith in episode three.

How did St Peter die?

Does Peter have a son?

These statements suggests Peter had 2 sons and a daughter(as one sister is sister to each brother) in past, total 3 children in past. But however in present, in any statements it is not mentioned his children are alive at present so at present he doesn’t have any children. Answer is none.

Did any of the disciples have wives?

The same cannot be said of the disciples, however. It is probable that most, if not all, of them had wives and that many of them had children.

Is Peter older than John?

Peter is often depicted as older, but really all we know from the Bible is that he was married at the time (he had a mother-in-law, after all.) However, John almost certainly lived the longest, probably living until some point in the AD 90’s.

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Where did Peter die?

Diary of a Protestant