Quick Answer: What is the name of Joshua Selman church?

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak is the senior pastor of the Christ Gospel Church, Samaturu Zaria, Kaduna state in Nigeria.

Where is Apostle Joshua Selman church is?

Apostle Joshua Selman, Christ Gospel Church, Samaru, Zaria, Nigeria, Zabin Zaria (2021)

Who is Joshua Selman wife?

Sandra Areh Chinelo Biography – Sandra Areh Chinelo (born 9th December) is believed to be by many the soon to be wife of Apostle Joshua Selman the founder of Koinonia Fellowship Abuja and Zaria.

Sandra Areh Chinelo Biography.

Name Sandra Areh Chinelo
Tribe Igbo
Nickname Selwoman

Where did Joshua Selman come from?

What is Koinonia in the Bible?

1 : the Christian fellowship or body of believers. 2 : intimate spiritual communion and participative sharing in a common religious commitment and spiritual community the koinonia of the disciples with each other and with their Lord.

What did Joshua Selman study?

He studied chemical engineering at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. Selman began his work as a minister of God as an undergraduate, preaching and sharing the gospel to fellow students in school with the help of his friends.

Is Pastor Selman married?

Detailed Documentary of Apostle Selman’s Biography

Birth Name: Joshua Selman Nimmark
Spouse: Non Yet
Nationality: Nigerian
University: Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria
Occupation: Televangelist, Apostle..
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Did Joshua Selman marry?

Currently 38 years old, Apostle Joshua Selman is not married but allegedly has a woman in his life named Sandra Chinelo Areh, who has been nicknamed Selwoman. The couple purportedly met in Zaria as she was part of the media team of Koinonia from its early days.

How do I meet Joshua Selman?

You can get connected to Apostle Joshua Selman for prayer request by calling him phone number: +234 0814 721 4444. Public Figure.

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