What do you wear to a winter christening UK?

What do you wear to a christening 2021?

Opt for brighter colours as it is a joyous occasion, and if attending a church christening, opt for long sleeves or a jacket to respect the traditional venue. Dresses with sleeves, smart trousers, and flattering tops are all excellent choices to help you look and feel great on the day.

What do you wear to a winter christening 2019?

Although dresses are the go-to attire for such events, you could wear a pantsuit or a pair of neat dress pants paired up with a loose blouse or an incredibly suave tailored shirt! Or a cashmere sweater can also work well under a suit jacket or paired with dress pants.

Can I wear black to a christening UK?

Avoid black and navy, opting for pastels and lighter colours instead. Check out some Christening outfit ideas, here.

Is it okay to wear black in christening?

ANYTHING TOO SOMBRE: People often wonder if they can wear black to a christening, and the answer to this one is yes: unlike weddings, there aren’t many colour-related superstitions related to christenings, and black should be fine, as long as the outfit affects the occasion.

Can I wear red to a christening?

Have you seen any nice fitted red dresses anywhere? I’m looking for something for my baby’s christening. … Red is an undeniably powerful colour, so there’s no need to over-accessorise any of these dresses. Wear one pretty piece of jewellery, such as a great pair of earrings or a cuff, to complete your look.

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Can you wear boots to a christening?

Chinos are acceptable if it’s a smart-casual event, just make sure they’re slim fit rather than loose. Most smart shoes are fine for christenings, but we’d recommend some stylish ankle boots with this outfit.

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