What does transformation church believe?

We believe in one God who exists in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to this earth as Savior of the world.

What religion is the Transformation Church?

Transformational Christianity, or Transformationalism, represents a fusion of evangelicalism, Pentecostalism, and ecumenism that started becoming prominent in the early 21st century.

What is transformation theology?

Transformation Theology takes the exalted or commissioning Christ as the present material as well as formal object of theology. It derives its meaning therefore from his transformational presence in the ‘crowded spaces’ of the world.

Does Transformation Church believe in speaking in tongues?

Pastor Mike Todd presents “Where’s The Evidence?” in The Upgrade series at Transformation Church. The latest sermon in The Upgrade series at Transformation Church started off with a bang. … Note 1: Tongues is not evidence of The Holy Spirit it is a benefit of The Holy Spirit.

What is Michael Todd salary?

As per our recent updates, Pastor Todd is estimated at a net worth of $1 million dollars. His wealth has been gained from his work in ministry where he works as a full-time preacher in Transformation Church.

Is Transformation Church a megachurch?

US megachurch Transformation Church gives away $3.2 million in one service. A megachurch in Tulsa, Oklahoma donated $3.2 million, an equivalent of almost £2.4 million, to worthy causes during its Sunday service.

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How did Transformation Church start?

When Bishop Gary McIntosh first came over to Tulsa north to start Transformation Church, some clergy in the Tulsa north community became very upset. … They’ve been married since 2010 and live in Tulsa with three beautiful children—their daughter, Isabella, their son, Michael Jr. and newborn daughter, Ava.

What does transformation mean spiritually?

Spiritual transformation refers primarily to a fundamental change in the place of the sacred or the character of the sacred as an object of significance in life, and secondarily to a fundamental change in the pathways the individual takes to the sacred.

What is Transformation definition?

: the act or process of changing completely : a complete change. transformation. noun.

What it means to be transformed?

Verb. transform, metamorphose, transmute, convert, transmogrify, transfigure mean to change a thing into a different thing. transform implies a major change in form, nature, or function.

How large is Transformation Church?

Tulsa church transforms from 830 seat building to 4,500 seat stadium.

Is a non-denominational?

A non-denominational person or organization is not restricted to any particular or specific religious denomination.

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