What is Christology in the Bible?

Christology is the part of theology that is concerned with the nature and work of Jesus, including such matters as the Incarnation, the Resurrection, and his human and divine natures and their relationship. … It has also sought to clarify and systematize the meaning of the scriptural depiction of Jesus.

What does high Christology mean?

High Christology is the study of Jesus Christ, by looking at him as first, the divine son of God, and then moving downward to the view of him as a human. It is also known as descending Christology. Christology studies the person of Jesus, both his divine nature and his humanity.

What is the difference between Christology and soteriology?

Christology is the biblical teaching concerning Christ, the Saviour and Soteriology the teaching regarding salvation (redemption) and its personal appropriation.

What is the importance of Christology?

Christology relates to many areas of theology, but most important is its place in the life of the believer. Recognizing who Jesus is, what he did and why — these are essential to knowing him. Only then may someone believe in Jesus and have eternal life (John 3:11-21).

How does Portier define Christology?

How does Portier define Christology? the study of the person and the work of Jesus.

How did Jesus become God?

God raised Jesus from the dead and made him a divine being. … And so there developed traditions about Jesus being born of a virgin. And so in our Gospels written after Mark, Matthew and Luke, Jesus’ mother is virgin so that he’s the son of God from his birth.

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What is Christology from below?

‘ Christology from below ‘ as a process refers to the proximate. origins of Ohristology in the apostolic response to Jesus of. Nazareth, and in the deV’eloping understanding of the implica- tions of that response in the history of the early Church.

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