What is the biblical meaning of Rebecca?

Origin:Hebrew. Popularity:541. Meaning:to bind. One of the most important women in the Bible, Rebecca means “to bind” or “to snare” in Hebrew, a fitting description since she tricked her elderly husband, Isaac, into choosing their younger son, Jacob, and not their older son, Esau, to lead the future tribes of Israel.

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Rebecca?

Meaning of the name Rebecca: Rebecca is among the top Christian names. It is most popular in the Hebrew Language. It’s meaning is “to tie firmly” and “beautifully ensnarling.” According to the Hebrew Bible, Rebecca was the mother of Jacob and Esau and the wife of Isaac.

Does Rebecca mean servant of God?

The name Rebecca means servant of god in Hebrew.

Is Rebekah an old name?

The name’s popularity grew during the Reformation and the Puritans picked it up in the 17th century and would eventually bring the name to America. Rebekah is considered an “old-school” version of the more commonly used English Rebecca.

What does Bekah mean?

: an ancient Hebrew unit of weight equal to half a shekel.

What does Rebecca mean in Spanish?

rebeca Noun. rebeca, la ~ (f) (parka) jacket, the ~ Noun. reefer, the ~ Noun. reefer jacket, the ~ Noun.

What does Rebecca mean in Latin?

Etymology. The Vulgate (Latin) form of biblical Rebekah, from Hebrew רִבְקָה‎ (Rivka, “enchantingly beautiful, captivating, snare”).

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