What is the Central Conference of the United Methodist Church?

What is a central conference in The United Methodist Church?

A central conference is a collection of annual conferences of the United Methodist Church located outside the United States.

What was the central jurisdiction of the Mississippi Conference of the Methodist Church?

The Central Jurisdiction, a race-based administrative judicatory, was created in the Methodist Church merger of 1939 in order to segregate African American Methodists within the predominantly white denomination.

What is the Jurisdictional Conference of The United Methodist Church?

The Jurisdictional Conferences are a collection of Annual Conferences of The United Methodist Church located inside the United States. The constitution of The United Methodist Church established five jurisdictions within the United States and it specifies which states will be a part of each.

What was the central jurisdiction?

In 1939 the Central Jurisdiction was formed for all African American members of the church. It was one of six jurisdictions—administrative units responsible for electing bishops—of the church and the only racial jurisdiction.

How many bishops are in the United Methodist Church?

The Council of Bishops consists of all active and retired bishops in the United Methodist church. In 2020, the church has 66 active bishops. The Council generally meets twice a year with additional meetings as needed.

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