What religious holidays are celebrated in December?

Is there a Hindu holiday in December?

Pancha Ganapati: a modern five-day Hindu festival celebrated from 21 through 25 December in honor of Ganesha.

How many religious holidays are in December?

You’ve probably heard of some of them: Christmas, Diwali, Ramadan, Yom Kippur and Hanukkah, just to name a few. According to data collected by religion researchers, there are around 4,200 belief systems in the world today, so these 68 holidays barely scratch the surface of world religion.

How many holidays are celebrated in December?

Get out your December calendar (all hail the month of the advent calendar!) and mark down some of these celebratory national days. At National Today, we love celebrating 131 December holidays.

What does Hindu celebrate in December?

Hindus do celebrate a religious holiday in December called Pancha Ganapati, which is a five-day holiday that honors Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed lord of culture and new beginnings. The celebration begins on Dec. 21 and includes outings, picnics, feasts and gift giving.

Why are there so many holidays in December?

December is a festive time of year because so many holidays are celebrated by people from different religions, cultures and races. We spend time with family and friends, connect with our faith or culture, give and receive gifts and enjoy special foods and treats.

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What are the holidays in Hinduism?

Hindu Holidays and Observances

  • Diwali — Festival of Lights is a major holiday that is also celebrated by Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs. …
  • Dussera — This is the important tenth day of Navratri.
  • Ganesha Chaturthi — celebration the birth of Ganesha, son of Shiva. …
  • Holi — Festival of Colors. …
  • Navratri — Nine Nights.
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