What was the role of the Church of England in enforcing the religious settlement?

The Church was responsible for helping to enforce the religious settlement. Visitations were inspections of churches and clergy by bishops to ensure that everyone took the oath of supremacy and were following the terms of the religious settlement.

What religion did the religious settlement make England?

The established religion under Elizabeth was Protestant, so the English did not acknowledge the authority of the Pope in Rome: the English monarch was to be the overall leader of the Church of England , but not a spiritual authority.

What was the role of religion in England during the Elizabethan era?

Religion in Elizabethan England. The two major religions in Elizabethan England were the Catholic and Protestant religions. The convictions and beliefs in these different religions were so strong that they led to the executions of many adherents to both of these Elizabethan religions.

What are two features of Elizabeth’s religious settlement?

It tried to take elements from both Protestantism and Catholicism, but since many Protestants had become MPs, the Settlement was perhaps more Protestant than Elizabeth would have liked. The Elizabethan Religious Settlement was contained in two acts – the Act of Supremacy and the Act of Uniformity.

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What were the main features of the Elizabethan religious settlement?

It was designed to settle the divide between Catholics and Protestants and address the differences in services and beliefs. The settlement itself was written out in two Acts of Parliament, the Act of Supremacy and the Act of Uniformity 1559. Under her reign, Mary I had reintroduced Catholicism in England.

What were the two biggest issues that challenged Elizabeth’s authority with the religious settlement?

In particular there was opposition from Puritan and Roman Catholic worshippers. The Religious Settlement offended some members of the nobility, leading to the Northern Rebellion. It also increased tension with foreign powers, many of whom were Catholic and wary of any state that became protestant.

What were the terms of Elizabeth’s religious settlement?

The Act of Supremacy – established Elizabeth as head of the Church of England. The Act of Uniformity – set out the appearance of churches and services, banned mass services. The Royal Injunctions – 57 regulations on Church matters, e.g.: preachers required a license and pilgrimages were banned.

Why were Puritans unhappy with the religious settlement?

Whilst most people were happy with Elizabeth’s Religious Settlement, Puritans were not happy as they believed that it should go further in its reforms and make a truly radical Puritan church. They believed that Elizabeth had sacrificed too much to the Roman Catholics when creating the settlement.

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