Who said the Bible in the hand of one man?

Miss Maudie makes the comment, “but sometimes a Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of—oh, of your father” (Lee 60). Scout is offended and comments that Atticus never drank alcohol in his life. Scout is too young to understand Maudie’s analogy and takes her statement literally.

What does Miss Maudie mean when she says but sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of Oh of your father?

She is saying that religion in the hands of an extremist is worse than whiskey in the hands of a moderate person. Her point is that Mr. Radley’s sense of right and wrong was so rigid that it led him to punish Boo in a cruel and excessive way.

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What does Miss Maudie mean?

Miss Maudie means that Maycomb’s community recognizes Atticus as a morally upright, reliable man and trusts him to do what is right, regardless of the situation. … By allowing Atticus to handle the difficult, unpopular tasks, Maycomb is paying him the highest form of respect.

Why is the Bible in one’s hands sometimes worse than whiskey in another’s?

But, some people take things to extremes, thus making something intended as good into evil. By taking the Bible literally people misuse scripture and sometimes make it fit their own twisted intentions. This perversion of the words of the Bible is worse than whisky in Atticus’s possession–it does more harm.

What does Miss Maudie mean when she says that if Atticus was drunk that he wouldn’t be as hard as some men are at their best?

What I meant was, if Atticus Finch drank until he was drunk he wouldn’t be as hard as some men are at their best. … Using Miss Maudie’s example, a blind drunk Atticus is a better person than a Bible-quoting Mr. Radley. In general, a drunk, kind person is better than a religious abusive person.

Why is Miss Maudie called a chameleon lady?

Miss Maudie is a female “Atticus” and role model to Scout in teaching her how to be herself yet be able to adapt to situations and to change her ideas when necessary. Miss Maudie’s ability to fit in and still maintain her values and integrity cause her to be a “chameleon” who changes with society’s expectations.

Why does Aunt Alexandra criticize Atticus?

Aunt Alexandra is upset with her brother, Atticus, for the way he is raising his children, especially Scout. She thinks that the children need a woman’s touch since their mother died when the children were so young. In Aunt Alexandra’s view, Atticus should have taught the children what it meant to be a Finch.

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Why does Miss Maudie hate her house?

One of the main reasons Miss Maudie claims to have hated her old home is because she has an affinity for being outside and gardening. Miss Maudie cannot stand being cooped up in her home and would prefer to spend the majority of her waking hours outside.

What kind of person is Miss Maudie?

Witty, genuine, caring, perceptive, unbiased, unselfish, strong, and honest, Miss Maudie Atkinson is an “upstanding citizen” in Maycomb. She takes care of her yard, embellishing it with lovely flowers; she bakes goodies for her young neighbors.

What is Aunt Alexandra obsessed with?

Alexandra Finch is Atticus and Uncle Jack’s sister, Jem and Scout’s aunt, Francis’s grandmother. … Unlike her brothers, she has not moved away and made a new life for herself and perhaps consequently, as Scout discovers, she holds onto traditional views and is obsessed with family heredity.

Who is Mr Avery in To Kill a Mockingbird?

An older and cantankerous neighbor who lives across the street from the Finches. He’s a portly man who whittles, though only to make himself toothpicks. Scout, Jem, and Dill find Mr.

What secret does Jem reveal to Scout?

Jem reveals to Scout what happened on the night that he got his pants caught in the Radleys’ fence in chapter seven. Scout knew that he had gone back for his pants, but when he came back that night with the pants, he didn’t say anything about what had happened next.

What does the Radley tree symbolize?

Boo uses the oak tree as a means to communicate with the outside world and demonstrates his compassion for the children by giving them gifts in the knothole of the tree. Boo Radley’s gifts are tokens of his friendship, and the tree symbolizes his affection for Jem and Scout.

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