Why was Pastor Anita not at the wedding?

Well, a source within the Christ Embassy has finally opened up on the reason why Anita failed to show up for the wedding in an interview with Kemiashefonlovehaven. When asked the source first said, “She must have felt left out of everything since Sharon lived with her dad,”.

Is Anita oyakhilome remarried?

Anita Ebodaghe, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Estranged Wife, Remarries. According to Vanguard’s Allure, there are strong indications that Anita Ebodaghe, the estranged wife of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has remarried.

Is Pastor Chris back with Anita?

If the story coming in from Christ Embassy is anything to go by, then Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his estranged wife, Anita may be coming together soon. According to a source in the church, the couple have reconciled for the sake of their children.

Where is Anita oyakhilome now?

The mother of two, who after her divorce left the church where she was a joint owner and co-author, has been living a private life in London where she currently lives. She has been so private that she did not attend the wedding of her daughter, Sharon Carrisa Oyakhilome in 2018.

When did Pastor Chris’s daughter marry?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome said that his beautiful daughter and his future son-in-law – the lucky guy (the pastor’s words) – Philip Frimpong are to be married on the 6th of October at the Christ Embassy Church in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Who is the spiritual father of Pastor Chris?

The spiritual father of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is Pastor Benny Hinn.

Who is the new husband of Anita oyakhilome?

Obinna Akukwe: 15 years of adulterous endurance: in defence of Anita Oyakhilome. His wife, Pastor Anita, has filed for divorce, accusing him of having inappropriate relationships with female church members, among other things.

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